A Play of Hopes and Fears

This week our heroes have taken it upon themselves to pry into the business of Harkenwold’s ‘Collectors’. With a little help from the City Guard they payed a visit to their local hang out, The Naughty Pine. They found a nice fairly respectable establishment run by a Wood Elf woman and her three identical daughters.

After having a drink the adventurers decided to snoop about. They quickly found a locked and passphrase protected door that they think leads to the secret hide out of the Collectors. Utilizing a clever ruse the changeling infiltrates the area, all the way to a backroom where gambling is in full heat. Before long a fight breaks out, go figure. The rest of the heroes rush in to face the shady band of Collectors including a gnome, a dwarf cook, a two headed troll, a teifling and several humans. After laying waste to them and not learning much from a tortured captured foe they move on to searching the room and find a secret set of levers behind a set of Dire Bear bones. They pull them both.

The wall opens away before them, and so does the floor. Flick and D20 fall into a ten foot greasy walled pit with a large Bone Worm eager to devour them. Alas the undead creature destroyed by the Pelor loving party, and they spend 20 or so minutes trying to climb out and jump over the pit, failing and falling several times, great job.

When at last they enter the final secret room they are met by a well fed half-elf with long black hair who introduces himself as Denin Von Voyle. His room he decorated with a gorgeous hand carved cherry wood desk, a set of custom armchairs, and two massive Warforged Titans standing watch in the corner.

low or out of healing surges and daily powers the adventures stare down Denin Von Voyle. Will they throw caution to the wind and attack the half-elf? Tune in next time.


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