The Syvbjørn

This is a little background fluff for a creature that I came up with a while back. It doesn’t have any stats or powers just yet, but I might get around to that eventually.


A towering seven headed arctic bear created by the Primordials as a first design of what later became the standard Hydra. However, they were rejected in favor of other more perverted and less intelligent killers. Outlasting their usefulness the Syvbjørn were exiled to the white North of the material plane to freeze to death. They thrived instead.

Belying their kinship to their ursine cousins, the Syvbjørn are exceptional hunters and unusually cunning when stalking prey. They were known to use caves as communal housing and exhibit tribal-like behavior.  The Primordials grew furious and aimed to destroy them for defying their command to die.

A great fissure rent the icy land apart and swallowed the entire race. The Syvbjørn were cursed to live out all subsequent generations as scavengers of the Underdark.  Their characteristic white fur at first made them easy targets for the other aberrant monsters. Without the sun they began to shed their fur to reveal the slick black skin beneath. The Syvbjørn have all but lost their artic coat. All that remains is a deranged and terrifying guise characterized by matted, sparse tufts.  Their appearance is overshadowed by the madness that seeps up from the deeps and rests in their twisted minds. Having relied as much on their intelligence as their instincts, with the constant threat of death lurking down every path, paranoia took an unrelenting hold. The seven heads rage incessant and can oft be heard arguing in Abyssal about how to devour their captured prey.


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