A Play of Hopes and Fears

After many rounds of role playing with Denin Von Voyle the charming head of the collectors decisions had to be made. Denin had told them that he was merely doing his job, collecting taxes form the town for the Captain of the City Guard, Captain Drehskal Neak. Seeing a potential ruse the adventures tried to bluff Denin, telling him that the Captain had paid them to squash Denin and his band of ‘collectors’. Denin was not fully convinced however wasn’t about to play things rashly. He offered to double what Captain Neak was paying them to bring an untimely death to the Captain and place second in Command Char in his place.


The adventurers thought this quite the grand idea, but somehow communications broke down and after both parties had thought negotiations were at an all time high, they went live and rushed the big boss Denin and his warforged. It wasn’t long before they brough Denin the half-elf to his knees, only to find that he was not as he appeared to be, and that body melted away to produce a large and powerful Oni. They didn’t see that coming.

As they fought, things took a turn for the worse when an invisible imp attacked Durn Spellbelly! After grabbing him the Imp ripped his pack from his shoulders, and went invisible once again after being stuck by an attack. Several characters tried to locate the pilfering flying rogue but to no avail. He seems although he got away clean, although perhaps bloodied.

After a short while longer they were able to slay the powerful Oni causing him to burst in a shower of flames, and thankfully the Warforged went still after that. In the ornate desk of Denin they found much gold and silver and even a piece of parchment bearing a contract between Denin and the Captain. It seems although he was at least partially telling the truth.


After helping the young elf maiden and her daughters clean up the party dropped in on the dwarfs, who seemed to be handling things quite well indeed.

Next they concocted a plan to have an audience with the Duke to discuss urgent matters of safety for the town. They were granted an audience first with Malig the royal Vizier. When they met him in his hearing hall, they were met not only by Malig but Captain of the City Guard Drehskal Neak as well.

Tune in next time.


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