Khyber’s Harvest review. Eberron Campaign Setting

This is a simple straight forward second level adventure.Also, the first and only published adventure I have (mostly) followed very closely.

1. What kind of adventure is it? (Location based? Dungeon? Town? Etc.)

This adventure starts off in a very small half-orc populated town and then quickly becomes a little cave crawl to find/stop the bad men. It combines a little scooby doo style sniffing around town for clues with straight up infiltration of a cult and a final showdown.

2. How long is it?

Short. I’d say it took us 3 4hr sessions to complete it in its entirety. However that includes additional role-playing and exploration of interesting terrain and character features fabricated by myself.
3. Were there any particularly noteworthy things in it? (Monsters, traps, plot ideas, mechanics, etc.)

The plot hook was that a close NPC friend of theirs had gone missing when they came to town to call on her. Thus they investigated her whereabouts and rescued. Not particularly inventive but useful if you want you players to invest into an NPC. The story has a decent recurring theme of a worship, control, and domination.

There are a few interesting symbiont items in this story, including the Coat of Eyes which are eerie and memorable. The only problem is that if you are using the WoTC character builder, they are no longer carrying support for this (or any other) RPGA module, thus any items picked up in this adventure will need to be written in.
4. What sort of vibe is going on in it? (Creepy? Gonzo? Sword and sorcery? Chivalry? etc.)

Once you get into investigating the Cult of the story and the lair it can take on a creepy sadistic vibe especially if you play it up correctly.

5. Would you run it? Why or why not?

I did. It was kind of nice to take a pre-constructed adventure and say, ‘how could I make this better’ then starting to build upon things to give it more depth, more variety and more meaning. It worked well for me cause I was able to weave it into my story seamlessly.

6. Does it resemble anything we might’ve seen before?

More likely than not.


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