d20 random things you might find in the wilderness

D20 things you might find while traveling in the wilderness

  1. Hot spring heated by shallow lava tunnels
  2. Burrows ( 1- 6in or smaller; 2- 1 foot wide; 3- 3 foot wide,4- large network tiny openings)
  3. Game trail recent usage
  4. Sentient quick sand coaxes in its victims with lies
  5. Bog, stinky, causes those that come in contact to not want to leave
  6. Enormous tree carved to look like a Troll
  7. Pile of fingers, all bones have been removed
  8. Scarcely marked graves in improvised graveyard
  9. Buckets hanging from trees collecting sap; sap causes immobilization
  10. Watering hole looks to be seldom used by local wildlife, giant aquatic eel/worm waits beneath surface
  11. Cabin carved into the trunk of a single tree, many stories tall, tree lives.
  12. A thousand slugs crawling within one tree which make music as they move
  13. Petrified bear with a dead basilisk nearby, bear is a missing druid
  14. Mushroom garden well tended
  15. A dammed river; dam is not made of wood its made of items of clothing and armor
  16. Wanted posters with a picture of a treant, dead or alive.
  17. D20 birds protecting and incubating a very large egg
  18. Flowers that follow movement and understand common
  19. A beautiful wood elf who is cursed to turn to a sapling when someone looks upon her
  20. Loud croaking giant toad giving birth to hundreds of bullywug tadpoles
This table I wrote myself enjoy.

6 thoughts on “d20 random things you might find in the wilderness

  1. Very neat ideas. I compiled a list of items one may find on a dead body (when looting). I felt cheap just telling the gold piece value and they only happen to have other things in there pockets when it benefits story. So I actually went through my purse and made a long list of options.

  2. 16-A) You discover a wanted poster in the woods with a member of your party on it! You then discover in the town is a Doppleganger who is imitating one of your party members and you have to clear his/her name while avoiding the authorities, and bounty hunters to find the imposter!

    {Optional Surprise Twist} You discover in the end, that the Player Character has been in prison the whole time! And that the player character with the party IS the Doppleganger! Great for playing on paranoia fear! (Anyone who has seen the 1982 movie ‘The Thing’ will understand the kind of tension you need to make this scenario work.)

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