After a lengthy travel down a dark corridor beneath the mighty mountains our adventures finally made it to the gate house where a massive stone slab has dropped over the pass barring the way through. Curious to find a way to move the stone they begin to search the gatehouse. They come to a hallway with arrowslits. D20 steps out, nothing happens. He walks down the hall. Nothing. Seems to be safe. when he reaches the end and rounds the corner he sees three cobra made completely out of iron, and they spot him in return, advancing immediately. The rest of he party learning of the danger take off down the hall to join the upcoming fight..when arrows fly from the slits, narrowly missing some and pinning little tink to the wall by her hand. she frees herself and tries to climb the wall, and falls, sending another volley of arrows towards her. Fed up she runs flat out, dodging the rest of the arrows and joining the fray. Without too much trouble they are able to overcome the iron cobras. that is when they find a body slumped in the corner, wounded but alive they find a goliath barbarian, strange in a dwarven passage but not unheard of. They heal him, introductions abound and he joins the party for his own protection. they make their way into the gatehouse where they lay waste to some arrow turrets and enchanted dwarven guardians. In the room they find a HUGE lever, looking suitable for a giant to pull. They try their hardest to make the thing budge but arent successful. They search the room for other options..

Through a massive door, into an ajoining room they find a 15 foot tall dwarf shaped construct with dwarvish runes enlaid in its armor. after a comprehend language ritual has been used the druid finally understands, they are instructions for a ritual to activate the giant dwarf. When he does so the thing comes alive and follows every command of Harvey, which of course is to pull the large lever in the next room. Much to their relief he does so with ease. Ppssssssssssssskurk. The lever slams down and they are met with a rumble and grinding of stone on stone. The slab must have been lifted! However, their celebration is short lived, because they also begin to hear the war cries over several orcs drawing nearer.

Sure enough a band of Severed Eye Orcs come through the passage to attack the adventurers. Their leader, wearing a blackend bear mask, calls out too Grundle the new barbarian, telling him that now he will finish what he started. They fight. They die. and on his body they find a facinating magical object, a big stone with five little finger like stones around it. Unusual, but powerfully magical. regardless they finally make their way under the stone slab and continue down the pass.

It is not too long when they spy an odd angular shape jutting from the smooth stone wall. When they move to it they find a dwarf corpse propping open what appears to be a secret door. Curious indeed.

Dead dwarves. Many of them scatter the antechamber. Their bodies appear to have been looted thoroughly. Thats when they hear voices coming from the next room.. orc voices. With a bit of stealth from the rogue they are able to discern that they are arguing about how to split the loot and talking in hushed voices.. as if they don’t want others to hear. The adventures decide to surprise attack the brutes and attempt to slay them before they can raise the alarm. It doesn’t go quite as planned. In the rush of excitement the Orcs become wise to their plan and two take off running down the stairs as one stays to fight. However, two are outright killed before they move from their places and the third makes it halfway down the first set of stairs before greeting death and tumbling down a few flights of stairs.

Undecided on how to proceed half the party takes off in full flight to confront any would-be attackers while the others.. just take their time and calmly make their way down the twisting staircase, taking in the artful craftsmanship of the mural chiseled into the stone. Great battles between dwarves and giants were shown, the uprising of the dwarven slaves and the reocurring appearance of one particularly large and nasty giant with grey skin. The scences showed this giant eventually being overcome by the dwarves after they cut off his hand, cut out his heart, his eye and a rib, and only then did he fall. A glorious if not someone sad tale.

The next chamber gave way to partially natural caverns where they met a fair sized group of severed eye orcs and even a cave troll! After Flik tried his best to catch the orcs of guard by maintaining an orcish appearance, the party soon fell to all out combat. The large center portion of the room held a great pit in the center with two different altars to what may be two different gods. After a brief brush with death the party soon overcame their assailants despite the Earthquake reeking havoc on the cavern. Exhausted from many battles they decided to take a rest back up the stairs and barricade the door.

Their little dwarven girl friend on the sending stone will have to wait out the night, along with any surviving dwarves in the pass. What terrors does the night hold for our adventurers? I suppose we’ll see next time.



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