Enna’s Large Hyper-Intelligent Sloth Companion

Enna is a whirl wind druid princess descended directly from the blood of the first druid. She has a giant hyper-intelligent sloth companion who can speak to her and uses self made intellect elixirs to enhance his mind. Since there are no such creature or companion available I designed this one myself for the player in my group.

On your turn your animal can move as a free action.. You share a standard and minor action

Enna’s sloth companion HP:2 x Con +level= 34

Ability scores:



Int 24

Wis 24

Dex 8

Cha 16

Size: medium

Speed: 4

Defenses: AC 10 +level, fortitude 14 +level, Reflex 8 + level, will 16 +level.

Hit points: 2x con + level

Atk bonus: level

Damage:  1d6 + half level

Melee basic atk: bite; level vs AC;

Ranged atk: Befuddle; level +7 vs will.  takes 1d12 damage + int modifer (7).  Creature makes Constitution saving throw. Failure= its confused until the end of its next turn. RANGE 5: increase to range 10 while climbing.

Encounter power: Immediate interrupt: Retaliate. Trigger: you or an ally are hit with a melee attack while adjacent to the super sloth. Effect: Super sloth lashes out with a two clawed attack level+2 vs AC. On hit: 2d6+5 damage, brutal 1. If the attack was made againt you (enna) it deals 4d6+5 damage.

Guardian aura 1: all allies in the aura get a +2 to AC

Low light vision

2 healing surges. Value=level


Two build this I based it off of the ranger animal companion and druid animal companions detailed from WotC. However this one is a little more fun than those I think.


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