Happy Pi Day!

In celebration of Pi Day 3/14 and its irrational constant 3.141592…etc. I have taken the scientist Archimedes, who is generally considered to be the greatest mathematician of antiquity, and gave a remarkably accurate approximation of Pi, and translated him into a D&D Next character. He comes complete with skills, and a new Background called Tinkerer.

Human (+2 to one ability score and +1 to all others)

Str-13 Dex-11 Con-9 Cha-14 Int-17 Wis-15

Background: Tinkerer

Skills- Knowledge (sciences), Disable Device, Profession

Trait- Inventor- Tinkerers have a penchant for crafting small devices, tools, traps, and clever objects that you sell or keep as you please. As an inventor, the townsfolk often seek you out to view or inquire about your wares, trading information, food, parts, or coin in exchange for goods.

In addition, you have a small clockwork or mechanical messenger. Typically these are built like an owl or sparrow to fly, or even small rodents to travel into small places avoiding detection or destruction. They are built to travel to places that they have been before, carrying messages or picking them up to return them to their creator.

A clockwork owl.

You gain the benefits of Tinker Talk. You are able to use your Int modifier plus profession skill bonus when bluffing. This check is made versus the opponents wisdom score. The amount by which you succeed or fail determines how strongly the target believes what you say, or is able to discern the truth behind your fabrication.

Equipment- crafting tools, large compartmentalized backpack, ledger and sketch book, collapsible telescope.

The man himself.

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