It is that time of year again. If you’re not familiar Pax East ( is a three day video game/table top/music/comedy mardi gras that takes place at the Convention Center in Boston put on by the guys who run the webcomic

PAX is the only convention I have been to and from what I have heard it is also one of the greatest around. In fact people have said that they have ruined my con going experience by being the best. The Expo hall is glorious sensory overload and swag maddness. The Panels are hilarious and/or thought provoking. Table top area is filled with instant classics and memories ready to be stored for future nostalgia.

On the way to PAX I will be running a short one shot adventure for my friends whom I used to game with back in Michigan, before I moved to Cleveland. This adventure is called The Drowned Gold. I have a rough outline of the story and encounters now but will have it more fleshed out in the next two days. So for now I’ll leave you simply with this little tidbit:


The interior of the tavern is dark and dank, and exudes the smell of dried sea water. The room circles around an oval bar that encircles a chipped and worn gilded statue of a dwarf sailor. An ominous chill permeates the air. People speak in hushed tones, whispering quietly among themselves.


Rooms Available (2/4)

3 servers and 1 bouncer


Thrayka Runechip (F, Dwarf, 122)

Class (Poor)

Room: 5cp/day, Common Room: 2cp/day

NPCs Present (16)

3 Beggars(Sore,Scab,Cord), 5 Commoners(Tome, Ilk, Korin, Adem, Grumm), 6 Shady Characters(Sils, Harn, Aster,Gallahar, Nanok of Karr,Lev) 1 Town Guard,(Quadin Redrook) 1 NPC adventurer (Gorrick Broadback)

Today’s Special

Crab-stuffed lobster tail, Archon ale

Topics of Conversation (1d6)

• A table of customers compliments the food and drink of the establishment.
• A customer laments his upcoming chores. He despairs of a full two weeks of hard work attending to his master’s errands.
• A local has recently been made to sleep in separate quarters by his wife—again. Gossipers speculate on what could have caused her ire this time.
• Customers argue over which ale tastes better, and which inn has the best looking servers.
• There’s a lively discussion about where to buy the best livestock and what prices to expect.
• The weather has been a bit peculiar. Hopefully it will get back to normal before it interferes with local trade.

Random Events (1d6)

• People cringe as someone runs a knife too hard over a plate, causing it to screech.
• Outside, a man appears to be waiting for someone to leave (or enter) the inn. He seems nervous.
• A patron waves to the innkeeper, then deftly tosses a coin to him. The innkeeper catches the coin.
• Two lovebirds spoon-feed each other while looking at each other with adoration
• A beverage is tossed in the face of a patron, causing an uproar.
• A customer staggers near the bar and then falls over, sending coins sprawling.


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  1. Greetings! You had just “Followed” my blog and in turn I checked out yours. After finding it right up my alley I have decided to “Follow” yours as well.

    I wish there were a generic “comment” field we could all just click on and leave a comment instead of tying it to a posting. Sorry for being impersonal. I enjoy the blog. Keep writing.

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