Isle of the Storm Giants: New Village Village

The first stop along the way to Mt. Evensil and the floating isle will most likely be New Village (aka The Village of New Village or New Village Village). It is possible that the adventures might perceive and want to check out that crashed airship nearby but without the permission of the village ‘elders’ they may meet some resistance from villages who are worshiping at or around their ‘Sacred Ship’


General Information

A small village built at the bottom of a cliff leading up to the Sentinal Peaks. Strangely enough this isolated village is filled with half-orc and goblins who are not only peaceful but have apparently achieved enlightenment.

Population: ~50

Inhabitants: From most to least prevalent Half-orc, Half-goblin, Orc, and really short goblins.

Government: Ruled by Six of the eldest villagers, who rule on principle.

Trade: Virtually none. The are simple hunters and gatherers, relying heavily on simple grains, nuts, roots, and seeds. They do keep a small but functional bit of livestock including a few cattle, chickens, and sheep, one of which is named Shadowfax ‘Lord of all Sheep’.

Culture: All who live here have been trained carefully and diligently by an expert Githerzai Monk. Many revere this monk as ‘father’ and may very well actually carry that relation. The villagers do not like to talk about the ‘father’ and will avoid the topic at great lengths. For the characters it is something of a mystery why the orcs and goblins here act like monks in a Githerzai way and can be discovered if they explore the cave (known as Father’s Cave), or if the perform a task which deems them worthy of such personal information.

Their monk training has led them to a tranquil life of balance and markedly civilized behavior. They view any outsider who is not trained in monk-like ways or peace and strength of mind to be savages. Savages are animals, and animals may not enter the village proper confining them to the barn with the livestock, unless proven to be civilized.

Coming to New Village Village

Entering the village can be somewhat tricky, and it is up to the DM to decide how far to push the PCs. The town is simple, and the people here are civil, nice, but stubborn. They are extremely reluctant to allow ‘savages’ into their village, especially fighters, warlords, and other heavily militarized classes. Rangers (one with nature), Druids(one with the animals), and Wizards(one with knowledge/history) with a show of knowledge and enlightenment can be permitted on a case by case basis. A Monk, especially a Githerzai monk, is permitted instant access and can help vouch for his companions. However, until truly proven to be ‘enlightened’ to their monastic expectations they must stay and sleep with the livestock.

At the village gate visitors will be met by two muscled and robed sentries and a short goblin dressed in white robes covered in smears of ink. The goblin has a ledger book, ink pot, and quill at hand and takes note of the comings and goings of the village (especially when outsiders are involved). The inky goblin, known as Groint, is not quite rude but is definitely firm about not admitting savages, but would be willing to set up an audience with the elders to grant access to the village. Again, non enlightened characters are confined to the livestock field and barn, while Githerzai monks and other high minded folk may walk about freely and are given a hut to spend the evenings.

Groint performs his day to day functions adequately, however he is reluctant to admit these fellows because he is possessed by an Indwelling devil..

Inside New Village Village.. Father’s Cave.. Tomb of the Orc Slayer and more!……Next time!


Isle of the Storm Giants

In my campaign some of the characters/players have been obsessed with the idea of claiming a floating island as their own and building a magnificent stronghold there. Well they have caught hold of a rumor that one exists but is currently inhabited by giants. They have decided that they will crush said giants and take what ‘should’ belong to them. Part of me thinks that they don’t quite understand what they are getting into!


By Frank Tedeschi (

Adventure Synopsis:

There is a stronghold carved into the peak of a mountain on a floating isle, caught in an unending storm. This airy mountain castle was forged by storm giants lead by the titan Crakshar. His undying loyalty to the primordial Saeta-The Devoured, has brought him to this place because here he plans to finally unbind his former primordial master. In this floating isle the material between the planes is weak, allowing Crakshar to open a transient portal to the Elemental Chaos. The divine bonds that hold Saeta are nigh unbreakable, and only can be undone by great unholy power. That is why Crakshar has enslaved Cultists of Orcus to summon the Prince of Undeath himself and persuade him- by any means – to use the mighty Wand of Orcus to free his master.

The adventurers must make their way through the Sunken Pass, parlay with an unusual village of Orc and Goblin Monks, devise a way onto to the floating isle, and stop Crakshar before he frees a being of such catastrophic destruction and power, even the gods couldn’t kill him.


Mt. Evensil lies just beyond what is known at the Sunken Pass, a shortcut passageway through two mountains known as the Sentinel Peaks. The Sunken Pass is named for the large war galleon which is shipwrecked between the peaks a hundred miles from the nearest body of water. The path to Mt. Evensil lies through the heart of this cryptic ship whose origin has passed into myth.

Beyond the ship marks the base of Mt. Evensil, a 1000 foot sheer cliff. At the base of the cliff dwells a small village of huts and caves belonging to a mountain cult. The cult is an eccentric bunch of isolated men led by a tribunal of spiritual half-orcs which worship those found within the deep belly of the sunken galleon.

The floating isle itself was created during a devastating event at the end of the Teifling Empire, which led to the peak of Mt. Evensil breaking away from the rest of the mountain leaving a deep valley behind. A furious broil of thunder and lightning enveloped the isle which eventually drew Crakshar and the storm giants to claim it as their own. However Crakshar is not working alone he has enlisted the aid of a living glacier, who was once part of the holy glacial lattice which has imprisoned Saeta. Together they have begun to strengthen their numbers with both storm and frost giants.

The storm giants built many of the peripheral rooms open to the elements and storm outside. The red lines denote the absence of wall (and presence of cliff-like mountainside). The two circular rooms are slowly turning in the indicated directions.

A-Armory and merchant B-General storage C-Dining Hall  D-Kitchen E-Barracks F– Interrogation room G-Dungeon H-Cultist study/preparation room I-Summoning room for Orcus J-Throne/audience room K-Crakshar’s chamber L-Room of the stormstone golem whose magic keeps the isle afloat M-Large amphitheater like room, channel in center of room is used for entry/exit of the castle. This room is also used for grand storm rituals if they are to ride the wind into battle. N– Portal to Elemental Chaos and Saetia P-Tower of the Elder Elemental Eye

Due to the storm and seepage from the elemental chaos all rooms open to the outside are subject to random weather. Roll 1d10:

1.       lightning storm. Hazard rolls initiative. Every round on its turn each creature in area rolls a d20 any natural ones are stuck 3d10 +5

2.       Unusually fierce wind and snow. Movement at half speed -5 to ranged attacks.

3.       Driving rain. Sight is halved. -2 to atk rolls for obscured vision

4.       Ice. Half speed. Or acrobatics for full speed DC=16. Failure=prone slide three squares

5.       Fog. -5 perception checks. 6 squares away have partial concealment. Rogues have automatic combat advantage in this area and a +2 bonus to steath checks.

6.       Raging Wind hazard (the plane below 4e supplement)

7.       Very pleasant indeed.

8.       Overcast and quite chilly.

9.       Fist sized hail. Hazard rolls initiative. Attacks everyone on turn. +12 vs Reflex: 10 damage.

10.   Acid rain. Melee weapons deal 7 additional acid damage on hit. All armor wearers (except cloth) is at -1 AC

This is still a work in progress, one of which I hope will include many interesting encounters, side quests and unbelievable dangers. Once finished I hope to compile this adventure into a pdf module complete with some nice maps, monster stat blocks, and plenty of random generation table fun. I hope you guys enjoy this preview and check back later for the completed work!

Soon I will be making a post about the first two sections of this adventure: Coming to the village of New Village home to the strange Orc and Goblin Monks and the exploration of a crashed airship.

A Play of Hopes and Fears

The last two sessions of our campaign were quite productive indeed.

As the day broke our heroes found the selves outside the portcullis of Fallcrest, appeared to be completely shut with not a person in sight. After a series of astounding strength checks they were able to lift the gate just high enough that  a halfling and a dwarf could squeeze through. However, when the dwarf swung and propelled himself under the spiky iron, it caused the other to lose their tight hold on the bars and the portcullis came crashing down, luckily it merely nicked hi at the top of his skull causing only minor bleeding (for a dwarf).

After finding the lifting mechanism and entering the town, a few horseback fur traders rode up to the gate from the outside. They offered to take the PCs into Fallcrest proper if they would but lift the portcullis for them. The PCs agreed and found Antonius Scalebane to be quite the swaggering cowboy talking fur trader with a small host of hill billy minions.

It wasn’t long before they bade it to the Brass gate with a large granite carved eye at its apex. after it studied the travelers the impression of a face appeared in the door. Antonius scrunched up his face and stuck it in the impression. in a few moments the gates seemed not to be satisfied and several brass poles came out of the door, each baring a small trough at its end with a drain in the middle. The door appeared to want a bit of blood from them each. They gave it up accordingly, however Antonius was a trifle hesitant. When his blood hit the brass the door burst into action the great eye coming out of the door and blasting a stream of black fire after Antonius. The outlaw turned tail and tried to flee but the adventurers stopped them in their tracks and made short work of the devious foes. It didn’t take them long then to make their way through the portal, and into the very nice hustling and bustling town of Fallcrest.

They first sought out the half moon trading post where supplies were bought and sold, including having a throwing hammer magically smithed into D20s arm, great work for a drunken fat halfling. Then it was off to see the half giant Gagnus Yourn , high priest of pelor and leader of the Temple of Ascension. After speaking with him at lengthe they gathered information about the possible locations of the Last Artifact along with the whearabouts of the Glintshield clan.

With fresh vigor they made their way to the Head over Meals tavern to grab a pint from the Minotaur bartender of few words, and found 5 tired and anxious dwarves drinking solemnly in the corner. Rangrim Glintshield told them of his families claim of Stonefang Pass and their hopes of rebuilding and reopening it. They told also of how they were ambushed by the Severed Eyes Orcs, and had to close off part of the pass to keep them at bay, while also trapping some of their Kin.

Surprisingly the adventurers accepted the quest with very little persuading needed. The Rangrim was delighted and offered his Ruby ring as down payment for their help.

With a spring in their step the heroes knew that strange dangers and foes to slay awaited them. They slept briefly at the Temple of Ascension and made their way to the pass on horseback. Once they came close, they happened upon an old stone bridge crossing a small river and waterfall. It was there that they were attacked mercilessly by a pair of hippogriffs and magicar— i mean brutal fish which pounded them time after time with bites, claws, and blasts of water.

In an attempt to repeatedly tame one of the hippogriffs the Minotaur Duke Hellington was caught by the current of the river thrashed about and went soaring over the edge of the waterfall breaking once his horns on the way down, only to have it sent spinning into the air and driving straight into his chest killing him instantly. With their friend and ally vanquished, the remaining heroes fought with new vengeance, and laid waste to the monsters. The rogue even went as far as causing one of the hippogriffs to strangle himself with a length of rope around its neck.

They made a funeral pyre, set it aflame, and washed it down the river to honor their fallen comrade, and then pressed on into the Pass. It wasn’t long before they were met with many stirges small and large, feeding on the carcasses of dead dwarves. They fought them off easily, until a great earthquake cracked the floor and ceiling, sending most of the characters skidding across the stone. Once the quake subsided 5 spiers emerged to eat the living morsels. however they were not meant to fall so far or fast as when they were cast into the gaping crevice in the floor. They fell to their deaths easily.


This is where we left off, the adventurers soaked with sweat and some with blood, looking for a place to rest, and to continue on their quest to liberate the Pass from Orcs and save the remaining Dwarves.

Until next time.

Blood Vessels

Here is a picture of an artey in your brain that I have transformed now into a random dungeon tunnels map, complete with points of interest.

1. Blind barbarian-esque cave men who protect the inner inhabited regions. They sacrifice all they have in service of what they believe are sacred beings.

2. Another band of Blind Barbarian like men where one or more of them have been dominated by a Parasquite.

3.A large ditch with many flesh and gold offerings, a bored out worm whole stretches deep into the ceiling into the upper chamber containing The Conquer Worm. The great worm populates the Circle of Willis with the Parasquites. It comes down this slick oozy hole to feed on the offerings with its 8 circular mouths all devouring at once.

4.Point in the circle of willis which contains cracks and holes in the ceiling where the surrounding muck and pupae/larvae ooze from.

5.Circle of willis: The central ring is a damp nest of knee-deep pus. The puss contains thousands of small larvae that can burrow threw your skin (causing great pain) and then hatch inside of you as adult ‘Parasquites’. It then become a cerebral cortex parasite causing living nightmares until you are killed and become nutrient feast for young larvae squirming in the sludge.

A Play of Hopes and Fears

This week our heroes came within an inch of total annihilation. They crossed swords with ten undead soldiers ozzing purple mist from their eyes and wounds and expelling locusts from their mouths as they spoke. The battle came to a quick end as one by one the valiant defenders of Fairhollow Stampede fell into disrepair and unconsciousness. The prompted the quick escape from three more wary members of the group, leaving their fallen comrades behind.

After regrouping the living members concocted a plan to follow and attempt to rescue their friends. They followed the soldiers tracks south for some time, crossing over the river and continuing on towards the witchlight fens. It was there that the shambling skeletons stopped. That is when the changeling, shifter, and teifling sprung into action and attacked the lone evil doer. However it seemed although they were to late as their own friends rose up against them, covered in black festering lesions and seeking their very lifeblood.

Luckily once the greatsword wielding undead was slain the spell was lifted, returning them to their former selves. They found their slain foe wearing a piece of polished black magical armor, with the image of a skull with jeweled eyes inscribed upon it. With her vast knowledge of history Tormenta was able to tell the party that this symbol is indicative of an ancient demi-lich which once held great power near the land, however centuries ago his stronghold was overrun and his power dissolved. What does this mean for the Fairhollow Stampede and the neighboring lands? Only time will tell us.

Alive and well the party made their way back to the kingsroad towards fallcrest. Outside the gates of the town they were met by 2 bear, and 3 rabid dogs, all with these undead festering legions they had seen before. They scratched and howled at the gates to gain access to the flesh beyond but once they got a wiff of the fresh meet behind them, their attention quickly turned on our heroes. After a glorious battle they finally emerged victorious and were met by dawn, and the opening of the town outer gates.

Until next time.

A Play of Hopes and Fears

Sleep came quick and easy to most, not Flick however. He laid awake stirring most of the night until his eyes began to play tricks on him, or so he thought. It wasn’t long before he was having a full conversation with a strange apparition in the shape of Denin Von Voyle the so called ‘Godfather’ of Harkenwold who transformed into an Oni just before he was slain. He spoke of sacrifice and of glory and of seeing the world change much like the changing of his skin. Then he was gone.

The next morning they broke their fast with The Duke. The adventurers received moderate praise for their deeds however were asked to give up the gold which had been taken from Denin Von Voyle’s carved desk. However, the Duke did tell them of the great needs of the Glintshield clan which had come seeking aid, down from the mountains in the West. They said they would make their way back to Fallcrest still seeking help, and offering great riches in return. The duke offered to help them as much as he could to make the travel to Fallcrest easier, giving them 3 war-rams and a horse as parting gifts. When shown a locket with his houses ensignia he became very sullen and despondent, this locket belonged to his lost daughter. He seemed very greatful, and offered them a maiden to ease their travels and o tend to the things they needed. Durn was very please.

Thus they took up the road to fallcrest upon three war rams, a horse, and the half-orc maiden Maad smelling and appearing like actual feces. During their travels they had a small run in with a group of centaur traps within Harken forest. The nearby centaurs claimed ownership to that which was ensnared, maad and ramsey. Thus they were slain.

Further along the road they met many weary travelers, including one robust fellow looking to over throw the government of a town up North. He demeanor was sketchy at best and they let him on his way, but not before a rogue pilfered a small box from his pack containing a very much live scorpion.

The night they camped along the road, and during the night they were met by 10 armored guards asking them to where their allegiance lies. The adventurers did not apparently produce the correct answer because the lead guard stripped off his help revealing a blackened skull with glowing purple eyes and undead locust emanating from its mouth. Telling them to yield or be driven into undeath.

Until next time.