A Play of Hopes and Fears

Sleep came quick and easy to most, not Flick however. He laid awake stirring most of the night until his eyes began to play tricks on him, or so he thought. It wasn’t long before he was having a full conversation with a strange apparition in the shape of Denin Von Voyle the so called ‘Godfather’ of Harkenwold who transformed into an Oni just before he was slain. He spoke of sacrifice and of glory and of seeing the world change much like the changing of his skin. Then he was gone.

The next morning they broke their fast with The Duke. The adventurers received moderate praise for their deeds however were asked to give up the gold which had been taken from Denin Von Voyle’s carved desk. However, the Duke did tell them of the great needs of the Glintshield clan which had come seeking aid, down from the mountains in the West. They said they would make their way back to Fallcrest still seeking help, and offering great riches in return. The duke offered to help them as much as he could to make the travel to Fallcrest easier, giving them 3 war-rams and a horse as parting gifts. When shown a locket with his houses ensignia he became very sullen and despondent, this locket belonged to his lost daughter. He seemed very greatful, and offered them a maiden to ease their travels and o tend to the things they needed. Durn was very please.

Thus they took up the road to fallcrest upon three war rams, a horse, and the half-orc maiden Maad smelling and appearing like actual feces. During their travels they had a small run in with a group of centaur traps within Harken forest. The nearby centaurs claimed ownership to that which was ensnared, maad and ramsey. Thus they were slain.

Further along the road they met many weary travelers, including one robust fellow looking to over throw the government of a town up North. He demeanor was sketchy at best and they let him on his way, but not before a rogue pilfered a small box from his pack containing a very much live scorpion.

The night they camped along the road, and during the night they were met by 10 armored guards asking them to where their allegiance lies. The adventurers did not apparently produce the correct answer because the lead guard stripped off his help revealing a blackened skull with glowing purple eyes and undead locust emanating from its mouth. Telling them to yield or be driven into undeath.

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A Play of Hopes and Fears

Last night our Heroes met face to face with the head vizier to the duke Malig and the obviously corrupt Captain Drekshal Neak. After making a strong case for the involvement of the Captain for less than savory antics the Vizier all too willingly initiated his arrest until further notice. The adventurers looked physically relieved. They were invited to rest and relax in a adjacent lounge. Weary at first the party went to investigate but at arms length. They found 5 interesting gargoyle statues, one even holding a set of five keys which Flick managed to jimmy loose with his expert skills of relieving fine objects from hidden places.

It was then the Vizier Malig returned to check on the party offering them food and drink while they waited the Duke arrive for consultation. D20 dutifully guarding the door say the vizier turn and walk away, and strangely felt his body begin to slide. He lunged for the doors, but alas it was too late they slammed shut and with the sound of waterfalls, water began to pour from the gargoyles mouths filling up the room quickly.

It was several precious minutes then spent searching the room for any possible hope of exit, everyone getting involved bashing, searching, pulling, and checking for traps. Duke Hellington bashed a gargoyle head into see it was hollow inside. He nearly had it open when flick found a key hole which when unlocked open the heads. After several more holes and keys they finally got the water to stop. It wasn’t long before they were able to drain the room and contemplate their next move, but before they could act, the doors swung open.

It was the Duke. He seemed to be very displease and demanded answers from Malig the Vizier and from Captain Neak however received nothing but babbling and lies. When Smoky and D20 laid the truth upon him Captain Neak decided he had had enough talk and attacked the Duke. Thankfully Harvey blocked the way, sort of.

The battle the ensued was long and a test of endurance strength and who can throw who first through the window. There were inspiring words, charming attacks, domination, deception, the switching of sides, the revealing of a devil and more than one fall to the death. However in the end our heroes vanquished the unsavory vizier and his crew, leaving a trail of blood anywhere they could.

Still unsure of what had just transpired the Duke decided to keep the party as guests for he night, under lock and key of course. On the morrow they would explain their actions and hopefully will be revealed as the good guys.

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A Play of Hopes and Fears

After many rounds of role playing with Denin Von Voyle the charming head of the collectors decisions had to be made. Denin had told them that he was merely doing his job, collecting taxes form the town for the Captain of the City Guard, Captain Drehskal Neak. Seeing a potential ruse the adventures tried to bluff Denin, telling him that the Captain had paid them to squash Denin and his band of ‘collectors’. Denin was not fully convinced however wasn’t about to play things rashly. He offered to double what Captain Neak was paying them to bring an untimely death to the Captain and place second in Command Char in his place.


The adventurers thought this quite the grand idea, but somehow communications broke down and after both parties had thought negotiations were at an all time high, they went live and rushed the big boss Denin and his warforged. It wasn’t long before they brough Denin the half-elf to his knees, only to find that he was not as he appeared to be, and that body melted away to produce a large and powerful Oni. They didn’t see that coming.

As they fought, things took a turn for the worse when an invisible imp attacked Durn Spellbelly! After grabbing him the Imp ripped his pack from his shoulders, and went invisible once again after being stuck by an attack. Several characters tried to locate the pilfering flying rogue but to no avail. He seems although he got away clean, although perhaps bloodied.

After a short while longer they were able to slay the powerful Oni causing him to burst in a shower of flames, and thankfully the Warforged went still after that. In the ornate desk of Denin they found much gold and silver and even a piece of parchment bearing a contract between Denin and the Captain. It seems although he was at least partially telling the truth.


After helping the young elf maiden and her daughters clean up the party dropped in on the dwarfs, who seemed to be handling things quite well indeed.

Next they concocted a plan to have an audience with the Duke to discuss urgent matters of safety for the town. They were granted an audience first with Malig the royal Vizier. When they met him in his hearing hall, they were met not only by Malig but Captain of the City Guard Drehskal Neak as well.

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