Blood Vessels

Here is a picture of an artey in your brain that I have transformed now into a random dungeon tunnels map, complete with points of interest.

1. Blind barbarian-esque cave men who protect the inner inhabited regions. They sacrifice all they have in service of what they believe are sacred beings.

2. Another band of Blind Barbarian like men where one or more of them have been dominated by a Parasquite.

3.A large ditch with many flesh and gold offerings, a bored out worm whole stretches deep into the ceiling into the upper chamber containing The Conquer Worm. The great worm populates the Circle of Willis with the Parasquites. It comes down this slick oozy hole to feed on the offerings with its 8 circular mouths all devouring at once.

4.Point in the circle of willis which contains cracks and holes in the ceiling where the surrounding muck and pupae/larvae ooze from.

5.Circle of willis: The central ring is a damp nest of knee-deep pus. The puss contains thousands of small larvae that can burrow threw your skin (causing great pain) and then hatch inside of you as adult ‘Parasquites’. It then become a cerebral cortex parasite causing living nightmares until you are killed and become nutrient feast for young larvae squirming in the sludge.