A Play of Hopes and Fears

Sleep came quick and easy to most, not Flick however. He laid awake stirring most of the night until his eyes began to play tricks on him, or so he thought. It wasn’t long before he was having a full conversation with a strange apparition in the shape of Denin Von Voyle the so called ‘Godfather’ of Harkenwold who transformed into an Oni just before he was slain. He spoke of sacrifice and of glory and of seeing the world change much like the changing of his skin. Then he was gone.

The next morning they broke their fast with The Duke. The adventurers received moderate praise for their deeds however were asked to give up the gold which had been taken from Denin Von Voyle’s carved desk. However, the Duke did tell them of the great needs of the Glintshield clan which had come seeking aid, down from the mountains in the West. They said they would make their way back to Fallcrest still seeking help, and offering great riches in return. The duke offered to help them as much as he could to make the travel to Fallcrest easier, giving them 3 war-rams and a horse as parting gifts. When shown a locket with his houses ensignia he became very sullen and despondent, this locket belonged to his lost daughter. He seemed very greatful, and offered them a maiden to ease their travels and o tend to the things they needed. Durn was very please.

Thus they took up the road to fallcrest upon three war rams, a horse, and the half-orc maiden Maad smelling and appearing like actual feces. During their travels they had a small run in with a group of centaur traps within Harken forest. The nearby centaurs claimed ownership to that which was ensnared, maad and ramsey. Thus they were slain.

Further along the road they met many weary travelers, including one robust fellow looking to over throw the government of a town up North. He demeanor was sketchy at best and they let him on his way, but not before a rogue pilfered a small box from his pack containing a very much live scorpion.

The night they camped along the road, and during the night they were met by 10 armored guards asking them to where their allegiance lies. The adventurers did not apparently produce the correct answer because the lead guard stripped off his help revealing a blackened skull with glowing purple eyes and undead locust emanating from its mouth. Telling them to yield or be driven into undeath.

Until next time.